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Why should you use QR Codes for marketing?

So many internet fads have come and gone, but the only one that has stuck around in time is the QR Code (Quick Response Code). You must have seen the codes plenty of times in your everyday dealings. The day is not far away when QR Codes will dominate mobile marketing. If you are a small business owner or entrepreneur, you can (and must) use the power of QR codes for marketing to target and connect with a broader range of audience quickly, no matter where and how you wish to advertise your products and services.

What is QR Code?

We all have heard about barcodes, right? Just look around the back of any product package, you will find it. They are present since 1970 and have been utilized in many places, from supermarket groceries to large cargos. Now essentially, QR codes are the modern extensions of barcodes.

Those usually black and white squares in blocks have a colorful reputation. Although they faced immense popularity in 2010 across US and Europe, and although they faded away due to poor implementation soon after, QR codes are since then stubbornly finding their way to the top because of their simplistic, un-technical nature and easy development.

The Japanese, Chinese, and the rest of South-East Asia are increasingly using QR codes to connect the online world with the offline world seamlessly.

Consumers are now using their devices more than ever. Smartphones have made it easy to access everything in the blink of the eye. Compared to 2013, mobile usage for internet and web views has increased from 14% to 51% in 2019. QR codes are making everything accessible in a snap of a finger, including getting information from business to consumer and vice-versa.

Why should you use QR Codes for Marketing?

Why should you use QR Codes for Marketing?

Modern-day marketers have been using QR codes on web pages, apps, magazines, or any virtual campaign to promote communication and engagement through smartphones.

It is a versatile marketing tool

QR Codes act as a direct link to the online realm; it can be employed to accomplish just about any digital task, be it , on and TV advertising to magazine pages, billboards and of course web and

It also means you can use QR codes to offer virtually anything to your users, including money transactions, product descriptions, tracking a shipment, , offering voting, and special promotions and discounts.


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